If you serve, you deserve...your benefits

  1. If you serve, you deserve...your benefits.

  2. Who Is Eligible?

    Veterans who served in the active military and received an honorable discharge are entitled to benefits if disabled in the service of our country.

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    We are focused on helping you achieve the best possible results. We can guide you through the process to help you get the successful outcome you deserve.

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    Doing things "Better and Nicer," we take the time to listen and make sure you get the attention you deserve. It’s a Rep For Vets promise.

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    Let us help you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Call our offices at 888-573-7838 for a free initial consultation or contact us online.

  6. Meet Chris Loiacono

    Chris Loiacono has been with Rep for Vets® since the very beginning. Read an interview with Chris and find out how he advocates for disabled veterans.


Binder & Binder - Veteran Disability

When you serve you deserve…your benefits. It’s a simple fact. You probably know that the Department of Veterans Affairs offers monthly, non taxable benefits for vets with service related disabilities. But you’ve also probably found that getting those benefits can be complicated and difficult. Our Rep For Vets® VA Accredited claims agents work hard and usually successfully to win your service related disability Veteran’s Benefits for you.

When you serve you deserve…your benefits. But winning them is not easy. You probably know vets who have run into months and even years of government forms, medical exams, and bureaucratic red tape. In fact, maybe it has happened to you, or someone close to you. That’s frustrating. But don’t give up. Never give up. Our VA-accredited claims agents can help. And they really know what they’re doing. They work at winning Veterans service related disability benefits all day, every day. And that’s all they do. They’re not involved in other activities, like real estate closings and criminal defense. Our agents focus their concentration completely on winning your service related disability benefits for you. They travel a lot, or they use the most up to date technology at our Florida headquarters to represent vets all around the United States. You can call us at 888-5-R E P V E T (888-573-7838) or just click on our contact form. Whichever is more comfortable and convenient for you.

Rep For Vets® is not a government agency. But the VA accredited claims agents at Rep For Vets® offer effective, knowledgeable, and personal representation for your service related disability claim, whether you served in our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard.

Think about all this. Then if you’d like our help, please call 888-5-R E P F O R VET or go to our CONTACT FORM, whichever is more comfortable and convenient for you. Whatever you decide to do, Rep For Vets thanks you for your honorable service. We hope to have the honor of serving you in return.

When you serve you deserve…your benefits.