Testimonial from a Veteran

I apologize for not contacting you sooner about the increase in my VA disability.

Many years ago, I tried to do the paperwork with the help of outside VA reps, in order to get a fair increase in my disability. Not only did they misread what I gave them, they also ignored important VA information about my case.

I began to lose all hope of ever getting any kind of disability increase. Even the VA phone reps told me if I did get anything, it would take at least six years. So, I went to bed. Couldn't sleep. Got up and watched TV. Your REP FOR VETS infomercial came on, so I wrote down your telephone number figuring what did I have to lose.

I called and as I remember, Jennifer answered. She said I need to talk to you. I talked with you personally. You asked me to send you all the VA documents to date and you would see if I had a good case.

About two weeks later, Jennifer called and told me you would like to speak with me. I called. You told me I had a very strong case, and you would be glad to represent me.

The rest is history.

When I found out that I would be getting 100%, I was actually numb. I just sat in my chair. My wife, asked me what was going on; I told her we had just been awarded 100%. We looked at each other and thanked the Lord for putting us on the right path. The overwhelming feeling of joy and relief of finally getting what we have been after for so long, was unbelievable. These emotions have been increasing for nearly 50 years.

It's taken almost three years with you which in reality, has seemed like "yesterday". If not for your dogged determination, I doubt very seriously, if this moment would ever come true.

While the VA kept me hanging for years without any hope, REP FOR VETS gave me not only hope, you gave me back my dignity and the chance for me and my wife to have a better life.

A simple "Thank You All" can in no way express how we feel. Semper Fi.

A Veteran