Veterans Affairs Reimbursement Advocates

A Benefit You May Not Know About

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reimburses certain veterans for travel expenses incurred when traveling to and from a medical treatment facility. Moreover, the VA may ask you to travel some distance for a medical evaluation when applying for VA disability benefits. In both instances, your travel expenses are covered.

Qualifications for Travel Reimbursement

At The Rep For Vets®, our nationwide Veterans Affairs reimbursement claims agents can help you apply for reimbursement of travel expenses. First, we determine your eligibility for travel reimbursement. Criteria for eligibility include:

  • A VA disability rating of 30 percent
  • Travel for treatment of service-connected illnesses and conditions
  • A VA pension
  • Travel for VA-requested compensation or pension examinations
  • Certain emergencies
  • A household income that does not exceed the maximum annual VA pension amount
  • Special transport, such as wheelchair van or ambulance (this must be approved in advance except in emergency situations)
  • Travel expenses for attendants and donors

The mileage rate changes frequently, and in most cases there is a monthly deductible. However, the deductible may be waived in cases of severe financial hardship.

Our claims agents will help you determine eligible travel expenses at the time of your initial application or appeal. We are not a law firm. Rather, we are a nationwide firm of veterans disability specialists dedicated to helping veterans obtain the benefits they deserve after serving their country. Based in Tampa, Florida, we serve veterans throughout the United States.

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