Veterans With Disabilities: What Are VA Benefits, and How Do I Get Them?

Veterans who served in the active military and received an honorable or general discharge are entitled to monthly, non-taxable benefits if they are disabled in the service of their country. Sometimes these benefits are called "service-connected benefits" and sometimes they're called "disability compensation." The disabilities can range from orthopedic injuries to hearing problems, arthritis and cancer.

The amount of compensation depends on a few different things, like the type of disability and the number of dependents (your children or spouse) in your family. There is a very broad range of possibilities. If you are a vet with a 100 percent service-related disability, you would be entitled to $3,057.13 per month (if you are single with no dependents). And if you are a military veteran with certain severe disabilities, you may even qualify for more.

Getting the Veterans Disability Benefits You Deserve

To be eligible for these benefits, you must meet a few requirements. The VA-accredited claims agents at The Rep For Vets® are glad to discuss how those requirements might apply to you.

Our claims agents may also tell you that the VA requires you to successfully prove that you have a service-related disability. But don't worry about proving your disability yourself. Our claims agents will take care of the government — you have enough to worry about.

At The Rep For Vets®, our VA-accredited claims agents guide you through the process of getting the benefits you deserve. If you have already applied for benefits and been denied or are not receiving enough benefits, our claims agents can handle your appeal.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs offers three different disability payment options. Most veterans receive their payments by direct deposit to a checking account, savings account or credit union. You may also choose to receive your benefits by check and, in some areas, you may set up a special account for your payments.

A Nationwide Rep For Vets®

Seeking veterans disability benefits can be difficult. Veterans often find seemingly endless forms, medical exams and red tape. Some veterans seek the help of lawyers. Others work with VA-accredited claims agents like those at The Rep For Vets®.

Get started by calling our Tampa, Florida, offices at 888-573-7838 for a free initial consultation, or simply use the online contact form. Our claims agents are glad to help veterans nationwide get the benefits they need and deserve.

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