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October 2015 Archives

Resignations at the Department of Veterans Affairs

veterans affairs seal.jpgProblems at the Department of Veterans Affairs have resulted in numerous resignations, beginning with that of Secretary Eric Shinseki in spring 2014. The latest casualty was Alison Hickey, who was in charge of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), the department that administers VA disability benefits.

More Problems at the VA: This Time in Seattle

Reports of operational problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs just keep coming. Recently, veterans on the West Coast were incorrectly informed that they would lose their entitlement to individual unemployability benefits. The VA received a report that 1,000 pieces of unread mail were being stored in a bucket in the Seattle office. The unread mail allegedly contained the forms that vets were supposed to return to retain their eligibility for individual unemployability benefits. No one looked at the forms, and veterans then had their benefits reduced or cut entirely.

History Matters When Applying for VA Benefits

Timing can sometimes be everything when applying for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Your length of service and whether you served during a period of war can affect your eligibility for VA benefits, including veterans' disability benefits.