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Veterans First Act seeks to expand benefits for older veterans

On Thursday, May 12, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee unanimously approved a major, yet controversial, veterans omnibus bill - meaning the bill is now headed to the Senate floor.

This particular bill, which lawmakers introduced roughly two weeks ago, seeks many significant VA reforms, including extended benefits for caregivers of older veterans. While it remains to be seen whether this bill, which has been dubbed the Veterans First Act, will move forward, there is no denying this unanimous vote is certainly a good first step.

What benefits are included in bill?

Backed by many veterans groups, this omnibus bill contains many important provisions that, if passed, will change the lives of countless veterans. Some of these key provisions include:

  • Expanding health benefits, financial stipends and other support for caregivers of older vets, which are currently only available to veterans who served post 9/11
  • Requiring the VA implement a streamlined disability appeals pilot program, which could help address the massive backlog of disability claims
  • Making it simpler and easier for survivors of vets to get benefits without filing a formal claim
  • Improving VA mental health services by making it easier to hire qualified staff

As mentioned above, it may be some time before these changes are implemented, if ever. In the meantime, however, if you have any questions about any type of veteran's benefits, including disability benefits, contact the advocates at The Rep For Vets®. We can help explain all of your options, so call us today at 1-888-5-REPVET for your free consultation.

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