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VA has a disability backlog of more than 70,000 claims

According to a recent report from the Military Times, processing centers for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) currently have a backlog or more than 70,000 veterans disability claims. Sadly, this announcement comes a full seven months after officials already missed their stated goal of getting this backlog reduced to zero.

In fact, right now, roughly one out of every five disability claims submitted to the VA ultimately take longer than four months to process - the VA's long-established time limit for processing claims. While VA Acting Under Secretary for Benefits Thomas Murphy has said that many claims are kept open longer than four months in order to ensure vets receive appropriate benefits, he acknowledged that the VA still needs to do more to bring down the backlog.

These numbers are certainly a cause for concern; however, things could be worse. Indeed, just three years ago the backlog stood at more than 610,000 claims. But, even though things have gotten better over the last few years, the VA still needs to strive to further improve the system - especially given the fact that thousands of vets are still waiting to receive their disability benefits.

What can I do?

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