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Veterans Disability Benefits Archives

Can I apply for both veterans disability benefits and SSD benefits?

Yes, injured vets can seek both veterans disability benefits - otherwise known as service-related or service-connected disability compensation - and Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In fact, disabled veterans often have many more options for benefits than they realize.

VA has a disability backlog of more than 70,000 claims

According to a recent report from the Military Times, processing centers for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) currently have a backlog or more than 70,000 veterans disability claims. Sadly, this announcement comes a full seven months after officials already missed their stated goal of getting this backlog reduced to zero.

VA reviewing more than 24,000 denied brain injury disability claims

Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that more the 24,000 veterans will be given another chance to receive disability compensation for their traumatic brain injuries (TBI), despite the fact that their claims were initially denied.

What To Do When You Encounter Problems During The Veterans Disability Application Process

Are you a veteran who has applied for VA disability benefits? Have you encountered problems during the application process? Was your claim denied?

Are Extra Benefits Available For The Severely Disabled?

A service-related disability is a very difficult thing to live with. When the condition is extreme or very severe, the financial needs of the veteran may be far greater. The emotional impact may be severe. Life as the veteran once knew may be over.

Was Your VA Disability Claim Denied?

As a veteran who is disabled, you were reasonable to assume that the Department of Veterans Affairs would provide for you. But when you received notice that your disability claim was denied, you undoubtedly felt disappointed and betrayed by the organization that was supposed to protect you.