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Posts tagged "applying for VA benefits"

What To Do When You Encounter Problems During The Veterans Disability Application Process

Are you a veteran who has applied for VA disability benefits? Have you encountered problems during the application process? Was your claim denied?

A Pennsylvania veteran's VA disability benefits story

There is no shortage of stories about veterans waiting for their VA disability benefits. The backlog of applications, currently around 825,000, makes this inevitable. Take the case of Matt Hannan, a former Marine gunnery sergeant with 15 years of service and two tours in Iraq to his credit.

Veteran suicide: A growing problem

In this political season, rival parties and candidates trade barbs and court people that they believe are central to their political success. Veterans are one group that recently received attention from the two presidential candidates. But underneath the political posturing are real people with real injuries who need help - help that the Depatment of Veterans Affairs sometimes fails to provide.

Waiting for Your VA Disability Benefits? There's a Reason.

 If you have applied for VA disability benefits in the past year and are still waiting for an answer - any answer - you are probably stuck in the VA's disability benefits backlog. Nearly half a million vets are waiting just to hear whether their claims were processed.