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Posts tagged "denied claims"

My VA disability claim was denied. Am I out of options?

If you have a service-related disability, one the worst things you can hear from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is that your claim for disability benefits has been denied. Fortunately, however, a denial does not mean you are all out of options - after all, you can still file an appeal, especially if your denial is based on insufficient medical evidence.

Court Rules Against Vets Waiting for VA Disability Benefits

Back in April, this blog reported on a lawsuit filed by a group of veterans against the Department of Veterans Affairs. The members of the group became stuck in the backlog of disability claims and filed a lawsuit about a year ago in the U.S Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. However, the legality of that lawsuit has been denied; the court says that it cannot hear aggregated cases when there is more than one plaintiff.