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Can I apply for both veterans disability benefits and SSD benefits?

Yes, injured vets can seek both veterans disability benefits - otherwise known as service-related or service-connected disability compensation - and Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In fact, disabled veterans often have many more options for benefits than they realize.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Resigns Over Phoenix VA Scandal

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, resigned last week amid a growing scandal at VA medical facilities. Prompted by the fallout from an inspector general's report that found that vets at the Phoenix VA were waiting an average of 115 days to see a primary care doctor, the secretary's resignation ended a tenure that was characterized by intractable problems.

A Pennsylvania veteran's VA disability benefits story

There is no shortage of stories about veterans waiting for their VA disability benefits. The backlog of applications, currently around 825,000, makes this inevitable. Take the case of Matt Hannan, a former Marine gunnery sergeant with 15 years of service and two tours in Iraq to his credit.

Phoenix VA office receives poor marks for its handling of some disability claims

If you had problems with your VA disability claim in Arizona, you're not alone. A recent audit of the agency that handles veterans disability benefits in Phoenix showed that the office made mistakes with nearly half of the claims submitted for temporary disability, traumatic brain injury and herbicide exposure. The claims backlog in the Phoenix office is 22,700, with an average wait time of one year.

Wondering Why Your VA Disability Claim is Taking So Long?

The percentage of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans applying for veterans' disability benefits has hit an all-time high, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. 45 percent of the 1.6 million veterans who were deployed overseas to fight in those conflicts have applied for disability benefits. That is more than twice the rate for Gulf War veterans - 21 percent of these veterans are estimated to have applied for and received disability benefits.