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Posts tagged "veterans' disability benefits"

Can I apply for both veterans disability benefits and SSD benefits?

Yes, injured vets can seek both veterans disability benefits - otherwise known as service-related or service-connected disability compensation - and Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In fact, disabled veterans often have many more options for benefits than they realize.

VA reviewing more than 24,000 denied brain injury disability claims

Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that more the 24,000 veterans will be given another chance to receive disability compensation for their traumatic brain injuries (TBI), despite the fact that their claims were initially denied.

Should the Department of Veterans Affairs be privatized? Obama says no.

Given the many issues plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) - including unreasonably long wait times for health care and various problems with the disability application process - it is no wonder why many people are calling for the privatization of the VA.

What To Do When You Encounter Problems During The Veterans Disability Application Process

Are you a veteran who has applied for VA disability benefits? Have you encountered problems during the application process? Was your claim denied?

COLA for Vets Receiving VA Disability

Disabled vets will probably receive a cost of living adjustment (COLA) in their disability benefit checks in 2016. On July 28, the House of Representatives passed the COLA for veterans receiving disability benefits. The actual amount of the COLA is unknown, however, because by law it will be the same as the increase in Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration will not announce the increased percentage until October.

Good News About VA Disability Benefits for Some C-123 Crews

This blog has previously discussed the challenges faced by C-123 pilots and crew members who serviced these planes after the war in Vietnam. These planes had been contaminated by Agent Orange, a herbicide widely used to remove the foliage in the jungle. The planes continued to be used for years after the war ended for cargo transport and medical evacuations.